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Music has the ability to reach inside us and convey an emotion. It can create a connection without ever saying a word. It it's connection that we surround ourselves with, in our daily lives and in the way we experience pleasure and hardship. Music is not only the backdrop for us, it ENHANCES our experience. This is no more apparent than in the media we create. A chill is felt when something gets so close to us that it feels like its in the room. Our heart rate quickens when we anticipate danger or excitement. We shed a tear at the though of loss or suffering. Each of these life experiences can be conveyed through the power and magic of music. My goal is to inspire these feelings and create music that touches the listener, whether in a backdrop drone or an accompanying score or musical piece. The library on this page is updated regularly to include new works. Please enjoy and feel free to reach out for collaboration or inquiries. 

 - Chris

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